Silver Hang Tag Strings


100 silver nylon string hang tag fasteners with white snap together plastic ends. Great for hanging labels, tags, business cards, die-cuts or other little things. They can also be fit together from end-to-end to make a rope. Nice and thin and available in two sizes, short 10 cm & long 20 cm. **These strings are reusable and do not have locking ends, they can be pulled back apart when needed. (If you need locking ends, our long and medium colors in black/white/natural beige all have locking ends.)

Quantity: 100
Lengths: 7.5" in/3.75" in (20cm/10 cm)
Color: Silver
Style: Thin Nylon, Snap Together/Non-Locking/Reusable

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Great product!

Gold and Silver, look great!

Works great for our tags on our wine bottles. Easy to assemble.

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